10 Creative Ideas Marketing WhatsApp helps increase engagement

How can you use WhatsApp for marketing? Creative WhatsApp Marketing Ideas is what you always need to help bring in more customers, increase engagement. As it stands, WhatsApp hasn't provided businesses with many obvious ways to use their powerful platform for sales and marketing. However, this will change soon. In early 2022, Whatsapp announced it would be testing tools to help businesses and organizations communicate with users. In the meantime, you can get the most out of this platform. You just need to be creative to leverage WhatsApp as a business tool.

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1. Take advantage of multi-platform

Take advantage of multi-platform

When an application is cross-platform, it reaches social networks (and people) that are not currently in your social media arsenal. That is great news! What makes it even better is traffic analysis that gives you insight into which networks are popular among your target audience.

Whatsapp traffic analysis is heavily available from a variety of third-party sources, possibly due to its early days using open source software. This provides data that can help you refine your social media strategies and prioritize when you're looking for your ideal target audience.

2. Create broadcast playlists

Create broadcast playlists

Create lists related to specific topics, then create one-way communications designed to increase engagement, just like you would on Twitter. For example, include links or invitations in your messages.

3. Take advantage of group chat

Take advantage of group chat

Group messages are shared between all members of a group, including responses from any team members. Think "interactive". This is especially useful when conducting focus groups. Or do market research prior to product launch.

4. Enjoy Free Texting

Enjoy Free Texting

With WhatsApp, you can exchange messages without paying SMS charges. It is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia. They can all text each other because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan you use for email and web browsing.

For added value, users can create unlimited groups and send multimedia messages with pictures, videos and audio. This simple advantage brings great benefits to both users and marketers. If you're trying to reach an international audience, WhatsApp could easily violate international borders.

5. Take customer support to a new level

Take customer support to a new level

Although WhatsApp is designed for mobile devices, it is compatible with desktop devices. So you can use it along with other desktop apps for strong customer support - your customers can contact you directly and you can provide instant answers. .

This process is unique but very straight forward. Just go to the app website and scan the QR code on your screen. With a few simple instructions, you are ready!

6. Offer suggestions and promotional promotions

Offer suggestions and promotional promotions

Looking for an innovative way to make a new offer? WhatsApp might be what you're looking for. Here's how companies like Homeshop 18 and Absolut Vodka use it to drive people to YouTube promotions.

7. Build user loyalty

Build user loyalty

Overall, the group list in WhatsApp has shown more brand loyalty than other social media groups. Likewise, brand characters seem to have developed a good rapport with their followers. This is reinforced with the tools mentioned above, like push notifications, group chats, and broadcast lists.

8. Engage Directly with Phone Calls

Engage Directly with Phone Calls

You have the option of using WhatsApp to make sales calls through their own built-in version of VOIP. So when you receive a customer request - for example, when someone asks for more information or wants to talk to a salesperson - WhatsApp lets you respond immediately.

9. Combine curated content

Combine curated content

As with your other social channels, you can submit original as well as curated content. Remember, although the format is different from Facebook, you should adopt a general philosophy of content. That includes the ratio between the sorted content and the content created.

10. Know your audience

Know your audience

Count each word. If your writing style and word choice don't suit your audience, you'll see little if any interaction.

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