Top 6 Most Followed TikTok accounts in India - most viewed tiktok videos

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1. Nisha Guragain (@nishaguragain) on TikTok

Like: 757.4M

Follow: 28.1M

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2. ดอกเห็ด (@preawphatcharin) บน TikTok

Like: 4.5M

Follow: 669.6K

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3. Kelvin und Marvin (@kelvinundmarvin) bei TikTok

Like: 2.2M

Follow: 338.4K

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4. Sneaker Vitamin (@sneaker.vitamin) trên TikTok

Like: 709.9K

Follow: 73.8K

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5. elvin levinler (@elvin) TikTok

Like: 2.1M

Follow: 353.7K

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6. Michael Justin (@themichaeljustin) on TikTok

Like: 17.3M

Follow: 575.9K

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