What is a community manager social media?

Along with the rapid and wide development of social networks. Brand communication is always a matter of concern and care. Therefore, there is always a need for people in the brand's social media management. So what does this work include and how to do?

When many brands and organizations care about their communities. They want to know what their customers understand and know about their brand. Who will express the common voice of the brand. This will be the main job of the social media manager. What is a community manager social media?

What is the Role of Social Media Managers?

The brand's social media managers are the people who manage all of the brand's social media content and ideas. They build social media plans, track and analyze all information connections between the brand and its customers.

These media managers are the people who help the brand create a unified voice and personality and ensure that it is on the same content or theme of each campaign. If a brand has a media manager, you will find that all content is highly consistent and related to the brand's image.

In short, the communication manager is the brand representative who expresses the voice of the brand when interacting on all social networks.

9 kỹ năng mà người quản lý truyền thông xã hội cần có.

  1. Create compelling content
  2. Understanding social media marketing
  3. Brand understanding
  4. Think fast
  5. Public Relations Skills
  6. Long-term customer relationship
  7. Manage brand reputation
  8. Write attractive ads
  9. Humor and fun

What are the KPIs of the social media manager?

The goals of a social media community manager will vary depending on current business goals. However, there are some KPIs that community managers must always benchmark and report to monitor community health. Through these benchmarks, you can gain a better understanding of how the community responds to certain campaigns.

Growth rate = Number of new fans / Number of fans at the beginning of the period.

Engagement Rate = Total Actions (Likes, Comments, Shares, Clicks) / Audience Size. This number will tell you how loud your content resonates with your audience.

SOV (voice sharing) = Number of mentions of your brand / Number of mentions + All competitor mentions. This number gives you understanding of your digital chats sharing. If your competitor is more vocal (or growing), you can look at their profile to try and reverse engineer their strategy or find gaps in their content.

Impression score = Number of Positive mentions / Total number of mentions. This is an important indicator associated with SOV. Not all mentions are good mentions. You could lose SOV, but if it's due to a recent scandal at a competing organization, then it probably isn't a bad thing.

Referral Traffic - There are no calculations for this metric, but tools like Google Analytics will be very helpful in reporting. Many campaigns have the goal of opening an account or getting a loan through the website. Seeing how well your content (and specifically what) is driving traffic to your website will be an important metric to track.

Other metrics that the community manager could say are:

Community demographic data - Who does this audience include? Where are they? What devices do they use? What assumptions can we make about their needs based on gender, age, etc.?

Top Influencers - Who are the celebrities in the community? What relationships can we take advantage of for future marketing campaigns?

Competitive Data - How do we compare with community banks and other credit unions in the region? What can we learn from their strategy? What gaps can we take advantage of in their strategy?

A table describing the to-dos of a social media manager:

  • Schedule and create content posts on your brand's social media accounts.
  • Increase brand visibility on many social media channels according to brand's criteria and image
  • Listen to user feedback to bring timely changes to the brand.
  • Expand more brand-related content to enhance brand visibility.
  • Categorize leads to drive the necessary conversions in sales funnels.

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