Whatsapp banned - Reasons you should not do

11 main reasons why your number is banned by Whatsapp banned. These are the basic principles you must master if you want to market on WhatsApp

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I am sure that before you learn this article, you are in need of mass marketing on whatsapp or your account is being banned temporarily or permanently. After collecting and sharing many places we have aggregated the main reasons for your number being Whatsapp banned. There are a few things you need to avoid to make sure you don't get banned on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an app that is always aimed at protecting users and they don't want the number of users to be reduced by inappropriate spam messages, sensitive messages about the content you advertise or share, and how you interact. interact with others through their services. Without users, Whatsapp will not be able to have data information for them to advertise campaigns. If your number is Whatsapp banned, most of the reasons are in the reasons below. And you understand that you have violated the WhatsApp Terms of Service.

Automatic messages notice whatsapp banned

Automatic messages notice whatsapp banned

1. Your message contains a virus or malware

Before encrypting your messages, WhatsApp will check all information to see if you are violating the terms. In that checking for malware or viruses and one of the top priorities. Based on malware data. WhatsApp will immediately exclude messages that contain or are suspected of containing viruses. You will be Whatsapp banned immediately if it is a serious violation.

Solution: This is something you should not do unless this is your goal.

2. You send inappropriate messages, blocked by too many people

The messages blocked by users will be those that are not sent to customers' needs. Often these messages are of the same content and are sent at the same time. Then the blocker also increased rapidly. The anomaly in the number of blockers will be considered suspicious by whatsapp. Then the system will analyze the serious violation. If you violate the policy. You will be banned by whatsapp immediately.

Solution: Don't spike knowing the number of messages sent. Choose to send messages continuously and regularly with as much different content as possible.

3. You are accused of violating WhatsApp's terms

This often happens when your competitors don't want you to grow. They will always monitor your activities. If any of your actions violate Whatsapp terms. They will report your violation to Whatsapp.

In this case. Depending on the dispute and the severity you may be temporarily or permanently banned by Whatsapp.

Solution: This is something you don't want at all, when you have breached the terms and been accused. Be prepared for new alternatives.

4. Send unwanted automatic messages & whatsapp bulk messages

Whasapp is continually upgraded based on technological developments. It can use machine learning to analyze data and reports from users to see if your messages are relevant to the user. Two issues must always be balanced: the number of messages sent and the number of key users do not increase variability

If this is the first time, you will be temporarily banned.

Solution: Gradually increase the number of messages sent to many different numbers each day. Avoid 1 user having to receive too many messages at the same time. Usually if the person receives a message from a stranger, the first reaction is to see, if not, they will ignore the message. But if you send a lot of messages at the same time and annoy them. You will be immediately locked by the user.

5. Excessive use of broadcast feature several times a day

The broadcast will be immediately sent to the people saved in your contacts. But if you do this several times a day they will lock you up immediately if they find you are not acquainted. This will cause users to lock out your account and affect your marketing campaign as a whole.

If you are exposed, whatsapp banned your number

Solution: Do not overuse the broadcast feature. Please change the sending method immediately if there is a temporary ban notice.

6. Modify WhatsApp's code to spam

This is a serious violation. If whatsapp finds you violate this then a permanent ban is sure. Of course, when you do this, you know the outcome for sure. Hope you will stop immediately or make suitable changes to avoid detecting of whatsapp.

Solution: These are often intentional violations. Should wish you more good information.

7. Try to hack into WhatsApp's Servers - You will receive a whatsapp banned message

This is also the reason for an intentional violation and you will be  whatsapp banned immediately. Whatsapp will not accept any good or bad intentions of entering their systems. The first priority of whatsapp is to ban immediately.

Solution: Change intrusion method accordingly or stop intrusion immediately.

8. Use a third-party WhatsApp app

The third party whatsapp app will have great features to help you market your customers better. But that doesn't mean sending messages through a third-party app isn't banned by whatsapp. You need to install and use the app in accordance with whatsapp's terms. Don't rely too much on third-party app ads.

A temporary ban will apply and whatsapp asks you to use the official app.

Solution: Third-party apps will be great if you use them correctly and appropriately. It will help you take care of your customers automatically and easily. Don't use third-party apps to send bulk whatsapp messages.

9. Impersonate someone else on WhatsApp

Impersonation means that you use the identities of other people, especially celebrities, to communicate your campaign without their approval. When Whatsapp finds out or someone sues, you will be banned temporarily or permanently.

Solution: Create a new whatsap account and avoid repeating the above error

10. Harassing & Promoting Violent, Sexual Crime ...They will notice whatsapp banned

WhatsApp wants to keep the platform attractive and friendly. They suppress people to send negative messages. This is not a matter of whatsapp alone. Illegal activities will be immediately banned by whatsapp and may even be sued or imprisoned.

Solution: Create a new whatsap account and avoid repeating the above error

11. Not true communication

All messages that are misleading or misleading, or related to sensitive personal matters will be prohibited. WhatsApp doesn't want you to use their services to spread false information. So if you are spreading false information on WhatsApp, you are violating their terms of service. WhatsApp will apply the ban.

Solution: If the violation is minor or you could also give wrong information. You have the right to appeal

Whatsapp banned - Limit whatsapp messaging to account

The messaging limit defines the number of unique users your business can send daily messages to. This includes new chats as well as existing chats with users. Texting limits DO NOT limit the number of messages your business can send, just the number of users you are trying to text. It also does NOT apply to messages sent in response to user-initiated messages within a 24 hour period.

  1. Level 1: Allow your business to send messages to 1 thousand unique customers in a rotating 24 hour period.
  2. Level 2: Allows your business to send messages to 10 thousand unique customers in a rotating 24 hour period.
  3. Level 3: Allows your business to send messages to 100 thousand unique customers in a rotating 24 hour period.

Note: Business starts at Level 1 when registering its phone number.

The business phone number will be upgraded to the next level if:

Its quality rating is not low, and
The cumulative number of users it sends out notifications will double its current messaging limit over a 7-day period.
When the business reaches this threshold, it moves to the next level. The minimum time this upgrade can occur is after 48 hours, when the business sends messages to their current limit every day.

See charts below for examples of how a business can move to the next level:

Example 1: A business is upgraded from Level 1 to Level 2 when it texts a total of 2,000 users in a 7-day period.

Limit whatsapp messaging to account

Example 2: Diagram explaining the concept of message limit in an alternate 24-hour window.

Limit whatsapp messaging to account

To maintain high quality:

Make sure the message complies with WhatsApp's Business Policy.
Send messages only to users who have chosen to receive messages from your business.
Makes messages highly personalized and useful for users. Avoid sending welcome messages or open-ended referrals.
Be mindful of texting frequency; Avoid sending customers too many messages during the day. Think about informational messages, content optimization, and length.

Whatsapp banned, how do I not get locked out of the number?

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