How to create and submit Official Facebook APP for app review

Note: To can post to groups you are admin. You need installed App on your Groups. Follow by this post:

Step 1: Creating Facebook App and configuring your site for Facebook Reviewer
    1.    Create a new Official Facebook  APP in
        •    Add 2 Callback URLs 
        + Facebook Login:
        + Add acccount:
        •    You can use this logo for your facebook app. (Download  in here)

    2.    Configuring your site for Facebook Reviewer
        •    Create new package (Only facebook feature in your site): 
        •    Create new a regular user and attach this package for this user
                For example:
                Username: Review
                Password: 123456

How to Video (Step 1)

Step 2: Send a request for app review
    1.    Go to your Facebook app which you create on the step 1.
    2.    Click App review --> Pemission and features --> Choose some features below:
            •    Group API
            •    Publish to groups
            •    Publish page
            •    Manage pages

            Note (Important): Manage pages of location: when you click to Continute button. you have to fill the form with all the requested informations
            For example:
            Q: Tell us how you're using this permission or feature
                  --> A: We use this feature to able to post the content  for our company. We make scheduled posts for our site and our group with more conveniences
            Q: Demonstrate how your selected platforms will use this permission or feature 
            --> You need to write the step by step to how to use your app and upload the video guide for that (Download video in here or make new video on your app).
                 Example form: 
                 Step by Step: How to use this app 
                    1)    Go to website:
                    2)    Login with this user: , password: 123456
                    3)    Click (*) button and go to Add facebook page, groups (
                    4)    Select pages or groups which you would like to use on this site.
                    5)    Go to Post page to set up new schedule post: (
                    6)    Selected a page or group, enter a caption and set up schedule date and then Click Schedule or Post Now button.

    Note: You have to replace to your domain for this form

    3.    After sending all request for app review. You need to wait for approval from Official facebook center.

How to Video (Step 2)