Whatsapp marketing messages examples - the best interaction

How the content you submit attracts the most customers. Here is what Whatsapp marketing messages examples make it easier for you to get a follow-up from your customers.

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In this era of shopping and reaching customers mostly online, you often have customers online. You will need to optimize the connections with the customers. With over 2 billion Whatsapp users, this will be the place where you need to care for and connect with your customers the most. The majority of your customers use Whatsapp. So how can you send messages to customers to create a continuous flow of communication. And how the content you submit attracts the most customers. Here is what Whatsapp marketing messages examples make it easier for you to get a follow-up from your customers.

Some notes when creating Whatsapp marketing messages:

  1. Create new content for your message
  2. Organize messages logic
  3. Send messages at the right time in the customer journey

Whatsapp marketing messages examples for the introduction

The first message you send to your customer is extremely important. It helps to attract customers' love for your business. Often the content of the introductory message helps customers to understand the service and value of your product to customers. Highlight how well you can meet the needs of your customers. Friendliness is the best. You can leave your contact number or website information so that customers can easily find them when they need it. Let's see some Whatsapp marketing messages examples introduced below

Messages examples:

Welcome message: "Hello << customer name >>! We are very glad that you have decided to purchase << product name >>. It is designed to help you «list the benefits». You can expect to receive a response from us <> times a month with special offers, product updates and more. Contact us at << phone number >> if you have any questions. "

Product guide: "Hello << customer name >>, thank you for purchasing << product name >>. To help you improve the << insert customer difficulty score >> here is the link to our easy-to-use product guide. Contact us at << phone number >> if you have any questions. "

Product introduction: "Hello << customer name >>, here are some recommendations and tips for using << product name >>. You'll get some more tips in the next <> days to help you get the most out of your new purchase. In the meantime, please get in touch by calling << phone number >> if you have any questions. "

Whatsapp marketing messages examples for the special offer

Promotional messages include offers that entice customers to buy more. To share these types of messages with customers is best sent after they've had time using your product or a repeat purchase experience at your business. Then, they are more receptive to your offer messages because not only can they buy the product they like, but also save money. Your whatsapp marketing messages template will now get the highest response. Send Whatsapp marketing messages by photo, gif or video to attract customers.

Do not send spam messages too much to avoid blocking users from them. Send when customers really need it.

Messages examples:

Discount offers: “Hello << customer name >>, save $ 30 when you spend $ 100 or more during the << expiration date >> period. Click here << link to product page >> to browse our new products. "

Sell ​​products: “Ready to save big? All customs clearance items are entitled to a 50-70% discount until the << deadline date >>. Go to the store before you miss the << store link >>. "
New product launched. “<< customer name >>, we are happy to announce that we've launched a new << product name >>! Be the first to get it once you use coupon code << coupon code >> to save $ 20 ”.

Invitation letter for the introduction program: “Share the benefits of << popular product >> with your friends and family. Give them $ 25 on their first purchase when they use your personal referral code <>. You will get 25 dollars when they do so! "
Special occasion deals and sales announcements. Use these to celebrate customer anniversaries, upcoming holidays or birthdays. “Happy Birthday << customer name >>! As an even more special thank you for becoming a loyal customer, this is $ 50 for us. Use it for any of your favorite products. << link to store >>. "

Whatsapp messaging templates for Customer Service

These are messages that maintain your regular connection with your customers. Customers can remember you more or less through the way your messages are maintained. These Whatsapp marketing messages help customers understand you, hear what's going on from your business, and your new products and services. Minimize you have to take care because customers call too many. These types of messages include: Notice, order processing ...

When a customer has used your product. Now is the time when you need the assessment and sharing of your customers when using your product. Use Whatsapp marketing messages so customers can rate your product. For example 1-5. You can also use text to receive customer contributions for new products.

Messages examples:

Problem solving: “Hello << customer name >>, this is to confirm that your recent support ticket << ticket # >> has been resolved and closed. We thank you for your patience. "
Next survey: “Hello << customer name >>, thank you for your recent inquiry. Let us know how we did by completing this short survey. It only took less than a minute to complete the << link to survey >>. "
Company update: “Hello << customer name >>, we want you to be one of the first to know that we have merged with company X. This will not change your online experience in any way. Come on; We're just excited to share the good news. Read the full notice here << link to press release >>. "
Customer re-engagement has expired: “<< customer's name >> it's been a while; we miss you! Let us know if there's anything we can do to improve your experience or if you have any questions for us. We appreciate you and would love to hear from you << link to contact us page >>. "

Conclusion: Above are some small tutorials with Whatsapp marketing messages examples most used to help you build the best customer care process. Give customers what they need, not what you want.

waziper - whatsapp marketing tool