There is two kind of installation service:

  • $30 (For Shared Hosting): includes the installation of script and configuring the cronjobs for scheduled post.
  • $40 (For VPS): includes the installation of VPS (Vestacp), script and configuring the cronjobs for scheduled post.

Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] if you want to a installation service from us

We are really sorry that we can only upgrade version 7.x by reinstalling.

Because on version 7.x we decided to change the entire structure of Stackposts. That means that all data on the older Stackposts will no longer fit.

But in return you will have access to superior features and great interface on version 7.x

To use proxies in Stackposts you need to enter the following syntax:

1. username:[email protected]:port

2. ip:port

Important: Proxies will not work if you enter the wrong syntax.

Your proxies are not working for many reasons. But most of it is a problem due to your server or proxies. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Your proxies expired. 
  2. Firewall on your server is blocked it. You can disable Firewall to slove it
  3. Your server blocked proxies port. You need enabel your proxies port on your server you can contact with your provide server to they help you

Note: We don't support any problem for proxies because we don't provide proxies 

To can add Linkedin Company Pages

You need register: Marketing Developer Platform


This is problem for proxies.

Instagram banned your proxies so you can't post captions

You need change another proxies to sloved it

Currently Facebook only allows Facebook accounts can add no more than 3 pages for: Verification Individual

To be able to add more than 3 Facebook pages you need: Verification Business

Example: https://prnt.sc/pq27a2

Note: Some cases have verifcation business but only add 4 pages. This problem please contact the Facebook Team for help. I also can't help you solve it because it originates from Facebook.

Sometimes, you will receive the Facebook Permissions Error 200 when attempting to post to your Facebook Group or Page. There are several different messages, but the recommended course of action is the same to fix this error - re-authorisation of your Facebook permissions.

Common Error 200 Messages:

  • (#200) Insufficient permission to post to target on behalf of the viewer
  • (#200) Requires either publish_actions permission, or manage_pages and publish_pages as an admin with sufficient administrative permission
  • (#200) Subject does not have permission to post videos on this target
  • (#200) Subject does not have permission to post photos on this page
  • (#200) Requires either publish_to_groups permission and app being installed in the group, or manage_pages and publish_pages as an admin with sufficient administrative permission

This is usually because you have not granted app full permission to publish to your Group or Page.

To can post to groups you are admin. You need installed App on your Groups. Follow by this post: https://www.facebook.com/help/261149227954100

Don't worry about this one if you get this message during the process. Simply give it a few hours and then you can carry on the process. Instagram has it's so-called API request limits and they are no threats to your account. This is how Instagram's system works.

Also, “Feedback required” means Instagram says that you are spamming. Possible reasons:

You are trying to do things too fast (such as spammer-actions: liking/following/voting etc; lots of random people in a very short time interval).
The proxy/IP you are using is blocked by Instagram as a “spammer proxy/IP”.

We don't tolerate accounts that don't follow the instructions and cause of our proxy blockage since we use fresh private proxies for all our customers.
The best solution is to pause the software for a few days and use the official Instagram app on mobile. It’s recommended to do some actions (ex: change profile pic, update info, post, etc.) in the official app and/or the official site these days. But this solution is not 100% efficient.

This error message comes directly from Instagram. It’s not related to our software. As we always inform users, high speeds are risky. We’re not responsible for any issue related to the Instagram accounts.

With this problem we recommend you

1. Change with other quanlity proxies (Recommend 4G proxies)
2. Waiting about 1 days to login again
3. Do not send request login too much at the same time


On this time. We recommend you 

1. Use quanlity proxy. Recommend 4G Mobile Proxy

2. Use activity schedule like this: http://prntscr.com/opzpl9

3. Run about 150-200 action/days/like, 150-200 action/days/follow, 150-200 action/days/like, 150-200 action/days/comment, ...

Important: use one proxy for each instagram username.

Change all the config auto activity:

Set default speed: Slow
Slow 2/hour
Normal 4/hour
Fast 8/hour
1. Following and unfollowing is count as the same actions.

Following and unfollowing is count as the same actions. The daily limit is 180 a day. 10 follows and unfollows per hour would keep your account safe and saves your account from being suspended. Also, there is no limit on how many people can follow you.

Remember to start slow and then gradually increase the number of following and unfollowing week by week.

For example:

Week 1: 50 follow/unfollow per day
Week 2: 100 follow/unfollow per day
Week 3: 150 follow/unfollow per day
Make sure that you are not spamming Instagram.


The maximum number is 1000 a day. But it is not the same for all Instagram users. In order to keep your account safe and not locked out, you should be satisfied with less than 180 likes per day.


It is about 150 to 200 per day. Don’t post the same comment over and over. Instagram recognizes duplicate comments, and it would punish your account for what you did. And don’t leave emojis without text as a comment, they look like spam.

4. Direct messages

About 50 to 80 new conversations per day are the safe zone.

Note: If you are a new Instagram user, your total action limit is 500 a day. This includes Like, Comment, Follow, unfollow. Also, you can send 20 to 50 direct messages a day.

Now by knowing these limits, we are going to know what are the best ways to grow your followers on Instagram.

No, Because Facebook API Official has not supported posting to Facebook profiles for a long time.

The ability to add Facebook profiles on Stackposts is for development modules in the future.

On this case. We think you server blocked permissions needed to can install script on your server

ZipArchive ExtractTo() Permission Denied

Please check and slove it

With this problem you need:

  1. Try with another proxies and add again
  2. If stil see problem please try to add other IG account and waiting 1 - 2 weeks to add this account again

I have had this happen to me before. It depends on what you are doing to cause this (of course). Here is a couple reasons why this may be happening:

  • You have been logging out and logging back in too many times either on the same device or different devices. Instagram may think you are a bot or you are hacking into your account.
  • You have used a lot third party apps that require you to login to your Instagram. Instagram does allow SOME third party apps but usually there is a limit to which ones and how many you can have logged in. Especially if you use the third party apps (third party apps are apps that aren’t affiliated with Instagram but uses Instagram for their own product or service) that help you like pictures or spam comment or “get free followers fast”