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Facebook login - FB APP Version 9.x


Permissions for Facebook API version 9.x

Page: pages_read_engagement,pages_manage_posts,pages_show_list

Group: publish_to_groups


1. Config Stackposts for Facebook

2. Create new Facebook App

Go to this link to create Facebook app:


3. Create test user for submit review

4. Recored video for submit review

- Facebook Page


- Facebook Group

4. Submit review your Facebook APP

Permissions required: pages_read_engagement,pages_manage_posts,pages_show_list

Detail step-by-step instructions


Facebook Account Test:
Email: [email protected]
Password: 111222

Account Test Website:
Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Please follow by this steps to get how to use this app 
1. Login with account test on our system 
2. Click menu "Account manager" on sidebar menu
3. On this page click "Add Facebook page" if you want add pages or click "Add Facebook group" if you want add Facebook groups (h
4. Authorize permissions need to system can working fine
5. Box List Pages/Groups. Select pages you want schedule posts to pages/groups
6. Hover to icon "Facebook" with blue color on sidebar menu and then click on "Post" item (
7. Select an pages/groups on box list account (left box). And then select type post (Media, Link, Text). For example with media select a photo to or video and then enter captions for post.
8. Click post now to post your post to pages you selected. When post success a box green with text "Content is being published on 1 profiles and 0 profiles unpublished"
9. Go to Facebook pages just posted to checked


Detail description of how your app uses the permission or feature requested.

Group: Our software gets the user's groups information & user can post content to their group where he is admin and owner.

Page: Our software gets the user's pages information & user can post content to their page where he is admin and owner.