How to submit app for app review

Note (Important): when you click to Continute button. you have to fill the form with all the requested informations
            For example:
            Q: Tell us how you're using this permission or feature
                  --> A: We use this feature to able to post the content  for our company. We make scheduled posts for our site and our group with more conveniences
            Q: Demonstrate how your selected platforms will use this permission or feature 

               --> You need to write the step by step to how to use your app

                 1)    Go to website:
                 2)    Login with this user: , password: 123456
                 3)    Click (*) button and go to Add facebook page, groups (
                 4)    Select pages or groups which you would like to use on this site.
                 5)    Go to Post page to set up new schedule livestream: (
                 6)    Selected a page or group, enter a caption and set up schedule date and then Click Schedule or Post Now button.

Download video screencast in here: