Does Stackposts have Installation Services?

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Does Stackposts have Installation Services?

When you buy our scripts you will have Documents that help you install by yourself. We do not support Installation with your Server, Hosting, domain issues. If you need our developer team to install the scripts for you, you can hire us with a fee as below:

Stackposts Main Scripts Installation Service

It's $40 for Stackposts Main Scripts Installation Services.

==> Completing the payment here.

WhatsApp Module Installation Service

It's $89 for Full Installation WhatsApp. Please order here!
We recommend UBUNTU Server from CONTABO that will be easier to upgrade later with the minimum specifications for beginning:
- 8GB/ 4CPUs
- 160GB SSD Disk
- 5TB Transfer

Note: Please Do not use VESTACP and HESTIA because Hestia or Vestacp Server will automatically change file Nginx or APACHE config about 1 -2 days for default so the API domain will stop working.

Submit API Apps Services

Price for submitting reviews:
1. Facebook + twitter + Instagram: $120
2. Facebook or Twitter or Instagram: $50
3. Facebook + Twitter: $100
4. Facebook + Instagram: $70
If you want to order please make payment here.

Installing FFmpeg

The price for installing FFmpeg on your server is $30
If you want to order please make payment for us via PayPal / Stripe at [email protected]

Extend Support Time

It's $30 for 6 months and $55 for 1 year that you can complete the payment via PayPal / Stripe at [email protected]

How to get Support from the Developer Team?

Please open the ticket here to get support detail from our developer team.

If you have any questionsissues, or suggestions for this feature, please leave a comment below. We will answer as soon as possible.