How to edit Privacy Policy & Terms of Services Page in Stackposts?

How to edit Privacy Policy & Terms of Services Page in Stackposts?

What is the Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a document contained on a website that explains how a website or organization will collect, store, protect, and utilize personal information provided by its users.

In addition to outlining how the company will use the information, it also includes how it will meet its legal obligations, and how those sharing their data can seek recourse should the company fail to meet those responsibilities.

What are the Terms of Services?

What are the terms of service? In most cases, terms of service (ToS) refer to regulations that are attached to a piece of software by its providers. Terms of service can also apply to Web-based services and products.

When the provider of a piece of software or Web-service attaches regulations to these items, those regulations are known as the terms of service. In the digital world, ToS is commonplace. Before you can use a piece of software, you are usually required to agree to the regulations in the ToS.

End-user licensing agreements (EULA) and ToS are very similar. The difference is in the products to which they are attached. Software products, such as video games, will usually use a EULA, whereas ToS apply to people using a service. Terms of service can be used with virtually every type of software, such as programs dedicated to graphic design and word processors.

How to edit Privacy Policy & Terms of Services Page in Stackposts?

On the left menu side, please click Settings/ General Settings. Select Others Tab, edit your Privacy Policy & Terms of Services Page then. Finally, click Submit to save your content.

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