How to Add an Instagram Account on SocialPostCenter?

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How to Add an Instagram Account on SocialPostCenter?

Please follow the steps to add your IG accounts to the SocialPostCenter platform:

How to Add an Instagram Account on SocialPostCenter?

  • Click on the Account Manager tab in the left-hand side menu of the Dashboard.
  • Click on Add Instagram profile.

  • Enter your Instagram username and Instagram password in the relevant fields.
  • Click on Add profile. 

Please note that if the page freezes at this point, you will need to refresh the page, re-enter your Instagram username and Instagram password, and resubmit them.

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Note: If you Add Profile by Button, you only can post text and images for this function.

If your Instagram account has a two-way authentication, you will be sent a 6-digit security code to the mobile phone number associated with your Instagram account or to your email address associated with your Instagram account. Enter the 6-digit security code in the Verification Code field.

Once you enter it, click on Add profile. Instagram may send you another code (this step may or may not happen and it depends on how Instagram wishes for you to authenticate). If you get another code, you must enter it in the newly displayed field called Security Code.

Once you enter it, click on Add profile again. Instagram may yet again send you the third code. This code must be entered into the Verification Code field. Note that this code is different from the first two codes you entered.

Click on Add profile. The Success message confirms that your Instagram account has been successful.

Please note that If the above doesn't work exactly as expected, you may need to vary what you do a bit. Namely, Instagram might need you to go to your Instagram account and approve access to our app. You can try opening the Instagram website on that account and see if you get that prompt. 

You can now see your newly added Instagram account on your Account Manager page.

How to delete an Instagram Account from SocialPostCenter?

To delete an Instagram account from your SocialPostCenter dashboard, go to the Account Manager page, click on the check box on the Instagram account you want to delete, and click on Delete.