How to use Team Manager on WhatsApp Marketing tool?

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How to use Team Manager on WhatsApp Marketing tool?

What is Team Manager Feature?

The Teammates feature will ensure that you never miss an update from your teams, such as your manager, teammates reporting to your manager, other teammates, and direct reports. Anyone that you wish to add as a teammate must have your current company listed on their profile.

  • Add multi-member
  • Resend invite email to members
  • Send invite email to members
  • Set permission features for members
  • Set account manager for member
  • Member can manage social networks you added on list permissions

>>>> Download Team Member - Module for Stackposts/Waziper

How to use Team Manager on WhatsApp Marketing tool?

  • Step 1: Sign up or log in to WhatsApp Marketing Tool. 
  • Step 2: Go to Team Manager  at the left-side menu 
  • Step 3: Click Invite Member Tab

  • Step 4: Set permissions for your member
  • Step 5: Input Email that will be sent to share using the same WhatsApp Number

If you want to share only WhatsApp Numbers with others, please cilck the WhatsApp box at the Module Column

  • Step 6: Click Submit to send an email to your Team Member

  • Step 7: Your Partner has to check the link that is sent to your partner's Email box. (Check all inbox and Spam Email)
  • Step 8: Your Partner  Sign up or log in to WhatsApp Marketing Tool. They will see an icon Team Manager at Righ-Top Corner and click to use it normally

How to edit an Email Template to invite team members?

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