Waziper - Whatsapp marketing tools - Plugin for WordPress

The Best WhatsApp Plugins For WordPress. We offer Whatsapp Marketing Tools for any businessman or owner to promote his product by Whatsapp Campaign. All in one WhatsApp Marketing , You can send Bulk messages to WA Number, Chatbot , Replying Message Automatically...

Waziper - Whatsapp marketing tools - Plugin for WordPress

Waziper Plugin for WordPress

The Best WhatsApp Plugin for WordPress

Waziper is the first WhatsApp Marketing plugin on WordPress which you can use many of its features such as Auto Bulk Message, Auto Reply for a first message, Chatbot System with keywords or sentences, Sending a message to WhatsApp numbers that are not in your contact at the right your WordPress Panel.


Do you know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and the second most popular social media network in the world. With over 2 billion users (2021) in more than 180 nations using it, most of them will be your customers if you can reach out to them. There were 600 million downloads of WhatsApp making it the most downloaded application under Facebook. The US alone accounted for 7.5% (45 million) of these downloads.

We also plan to release more WhatsApp for WooCommerce 

Top 5 benefits of WhatsApp for WordPress


  • A private and secure platform

The app is encrypted by default with end-to-end encryption for both messages and calls, which is good for your privacy. 

  • Real-time customer service and support

Some businesses provide real-time support on WhatsApp to answer questions about their products or help you resolve an issue.Besides, you may see a click-to-chat button on a website or Facebook ad to quickly message a business.

  • A highly engaging digital channel

While communicating with your customers personally, you can be aware of what your customers want from you, therefore, you can place your marketing communications that are based on it. Moreover, customers will be excited that their questions have been answered by you or chatbot in real time, as they consider you as real people.

  • Supports automation and FAQ

When customers opt-in, businesses can directly contact users on their phones. This is significant when considering that 56% of people would rather contact customer services via messaging rather than over the phone. 

  • Provides creative engagement approaches

Tools can be used to organize, automate, and respond faster to messages or queries.When sending messages, we can send videos, photos and voice recordings.

We also plan to release more WhatsApp for WooCommerce 

What's the main features of Waziper Plugin WordPress?

Currently, Waziper Plugin for WordPress has main functions and we will develop more:

  1. Sending BULK MESSAGES
    Bulk messages save time, optimize resource use, and are a great tool for business-customer interaction. Random sending messages by the minute.
  2. Replying Message Automatically
    The great way for businesses to fulfill customer support expectations of receiving a prompt response for their chat
  3. Chatbot System
    Chatbots allow quicker response time to customer queries and faster resolutions
  4. Sending a Message to Numbers that are not in the contact
    Now you can send WhatsApp messages to numbers without adding it to your contact list or address book
  5. Multiple WhatsApp Accounts at one place
    You can manage many WhatsApp numbers in one dashboard. That is the best place to control and manage all in one easily.
  6. Export WhatsApp Group Contacts
    Downloading all members in the WhatsApp group by one Click
  7. File Manager
    The place that helps you upload all images, videos that can be used later for your campaigns.
  8. An abundance of features more
    • Random sending messages by the minute.
    • Send media messages (video, image, hyperlinks, audio)
    • Chatbots by keywords (Spintax option)
    • Save and get caption

We also plan to release more WhatsApp for WooCommerce 

Why do we choose Waziper Plugin for WordPress?

The Plugin is made by Stackposts - The Elite Author sold nearly 10,000 sales at Codecanyon Only.

Top Weekly - Monthly - Yearly Best Seller at Social Marketing Scripts at Envato and Waziper Plugin Quality Checked by Envato.

Stackposts is one of the Top Social Marketing Tools - Providing the solution for managing over 12 social networking sites at one place.

On the Roadmap, Stackposts is developing the WhatsApp Plugin for Woocommerce. It will help you manage your WhatsApp accounts at WordPress Control Panel.

You will get 06 Months for Free Support to contact our developer team that will help you point your cases out.

We also plan to release more WhatsApp for WooCommerce