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VTGram - Marketing Solutions for Instagram (Standalone script)

PHP Script
GramEasy - Instagram Auto Post & Activity (Standalone script) - 1 GramEasy - Instagram Auto Post & Activity (Standalone script) - 2 GramEasy - Instagram Auto Post & Activity (Standalone script) - 3 GramEasy - Instagram Auto Post & Activity (Standalone script) - 4

VTGram is standalone app. It allows and gives you the greatest way to boost your Instagram account with more followers, likes, comments, unfollows and direct messages than ever before.


  • Multi Instagram Accounts’s activity
  • Mutil Acitivity: Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Repost Media, Auto Direct Message To New Followers
  • Auto activities Logs
  • Many Targets: tags, location, username
  • Unfollow after x days
  • Unfollow source
  • Activity speed: Activity speed: auto, slow, medium, fast
  • Schedule activity
  • Auto post: Photo, Story Photo and Video, Carousel.
  • Payment system via Paypal and stripe (Separated module, Available with Extended License only)
  • Automatic Image resize to match Instagram’s aspect ratios (Almost for every images)
  • Upload media to post
  • Import the media (images, videos) from Cloud Drives (Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Login & Signup with Facebook, Google, Twitter
  • Secure Password Hashing
  • User registration and login system
  • Email notifications (activate, welcome, reset password and payment email)
  • Email template easy customizable
  • PHP mail and SMTP Configuration
  • Advanced user and package control options
  • Packages Subscription
  • Spintax support
  • Manage schedules with Calendar
  • Save and get caption
  • Supported SSL
  • Embed code feature
  • System proxies
  • Emoji Support
  • Proxy support
  • Automatic timezone
  • Multilingual ready
  • Statistics
  • Preview post: Instagram post preview before posting in real
  • Schedule posts: Manage your post schedule with ease
  • Save caption: Save your posts
  • Emojis: Supported a lot of great emojis
  • Spintax: supported spintax to random your connent post on your accounts on Instagram
  • And many more great features …


Website: http://demo.stackposts.com/vtgram
Username: vtgram@stackposts.com
Password: 123456


Read requirements at here: https://doc.stackposts.com/

End-User License Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully before installing or using this product.

If you agree to all of the terms of this End-User License Agreement, by checking the box or clicking the button to confirm your acceptance when you first install the web application, you are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement. Also, By downloading, installing, using, or copying this web application, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this End-User License Agreement, you are agreeing to all the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to all of these terms, do not check the box or click the button and/or do not use, copy or install the web application, and uninstall the web application from all your server that you own or control.

Note: With this script, We are using the official Social Media API (Facebook, Twitter etc, except Instagram) which is available on Developer Center. That is a reason why this script depends on Social Media API . Therefore, We are not responsible if they made too many critical changes in their side. We also don’t guarantee that the compatibility of the script with Socia Media API will be forever. Although we always try to update the lastest version of script as soon as possible. We don’t provide any refund for all problems which are originated from Social Media API (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). We’re not responsible for any issue related to the social accounts.

If you do not accept the terms of this agreement and you purchased a product containing the web application from an authorized retailer, you may be eligible to return the product for a refund, subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable return policy.

Important notice:

  • We don’t offer free support (Time support can up to 2 days)
  • We don’t offer refund (If item has been Dowloaded or Mistake)
  • We don’t support install and custom script free
  • Read all the product information before you decide to buy it

Note: You cannot charge users for using this script with the Regular license. Kindly buy the Extended license for commercial use of this script.


With version 3.0, we required reinstallation because there are too many changes.

Version 5.8 –  Oct 29, 2019
    - Sloved: Invalid request options" problem
    - Added: Recurring Payment for Stripe and Paypal
    - Added: Auto clear cookie for Instagram Auto Activity when action blocked
    - Added: Post to company page for Linkedin
    - Added: Option disable landing page
    - Added: Option disable GDPR Cookie Consent
    - Added: Option select all accounts when schedule posts
    - Added: New Datetimepicker for Schedule Post
    - Updated: Instagram API version 7.0
    - Fixed: Permission from packages for Google Drive and Dropbox
    - Fixed: Packages not save when update
    - Sloved: Instagram avatar not showing
    - Sloved: Facebook Pages and Groups not show with Facebook API Official
    - Sloved: Preview not show correct on publish all.

Version 5.7 –  Aug 31, 2019
    - Improved: Unknown Error Server on Instagram
    - Updated: Instagram API
    - Added GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent 
    - Improved: Design for profile page
    - Improved: New design for package page
    - Improved: New design for proxies pages
    - Improved: New design for custom pages
    - Added: option clear cache for Instagram
    - Added: Option enable/disable optimize image for instagram post
    - Fixed: Instagram Avatar not show
    - Improved small bugs

Version 5.6 –  Aug 07, 2019
    - Fixed: Unknown Error Server on Instagram
    - Fixed: Edit Instagram Carousel Post
    - Update Instagram API Latest Version

    ----- PLAN ON NEXT UPDATE---------
    1. Improve quanlity Image Instagram Posts
    2. Improve Instagram API
    3. Improve Design
    4. Add new features 

Version 5.5 –  July 24, 2019
    - Added: Link story feature for Instagram
    - Added: Post story close friends features for Instagram
    - Added: Notification feature (https://headwayapp.co/)
    - Added: DesignBold Image Editor feature
    - Improved: Schedule Calendar
    - Improved: Actions blocked
    - Improved: Image quanlity post for Instagram
    - Improved: Paystack payment history (Just for Extended License)
    - Improved: Dashboard Report
    - Improved: Aruba Theme
    - Improved small bugs

Version 5.4 –  May 30, 2019
    - Fixed problem not load calendar
    - Improved language

Version 5.3 –  May 29, 2019
    - Added repeat post function
    - Added new design for Instagram post
    - Fixed sidebar menu not show on IE
    - Improved image editor
    - Improved Instagram API
    - Improved problem "consent required"
    - Fixed time post when edit post
    - Improved language
    - Fixed menu social not show on user account
    - Improved small bugs

Version 5.2 –  May 19, 2019
    - Improved post image to instagram
    - Fixed notification show on users not admin
    - Improved language
    - Improved small bugs

Version 5.1 –  May 18, 2019
    - Fixed post video to instagram
    - Improved language
    - Improved small bugs

Version 5.0 –  May 17, 2019
    - Added Image Editor
    - Added notification when have new updates
    - Added import/export language on Language module
    - Improved report page
    - Improved language on site
    - Fixed problem unknown server error
    - Fixed problem search location
    - Fixed image not show on edit page
    - Improve login page on Aruba theme suite with Facebook Login
    - Fixed small bugs
    - Improved Performance

Version 4.3 –  May 07, 2019
    - Fixed schedule calendar duplicate funtion
    - Update new JS
    - Improved script

Version 4.1 –  March 07, 2019
    - Improved translate language
    - Add post instagram with location
    - Improved schedule canlendar
    - Improved add instagram account
    - Improved module page
    - Improved instagram carousel image size
    - Fixed pagusero payment getway problelms
    - Fixed small bugs

Version 4.0 –  January 13, 2019
    - Added edit post for schedules post
    - Added filter for calendar schedules
    - Improved pass Instagram challenge required easier
    - Added "Login as User" features
    - Improved Instagram Activity
    - Many more small improved

Version 3.2 –  December 11, 2018
    - Fixed problem for post
    - Fixed problem for search

Version 3.0 –  December 8, 2018
    - [NEW] Added auto repost media feature
    - [NEW] Added auto DM (New followers) feature
    - [NEW] Added watermark feature
    - [NEW] Added editor image feature
    - [NEW] Added custom page module
    - [NEW] Added multiple template feature
    - [NEW] Added new template ARUBA
    - [NEW] Added Pagseguro payment module
    - [NEW] Added editor image
    - [NEW] Added dark menu sidebar
    - [NEW] Added full menu sidebar
    - Fixed bug report count posts
    - Fixed bug calendar schedules
    - Fixed bug translate language
    - Fixed unfollows problem 
    - Fixed activity schedules features
    - Improved script
    - Fixed bug small bugs
    - Improve a some features

* * * * * wget --spider -O - http://yourwebsite.com/instagram/post/cron >/dev/null 2>&1 
* * * * * wget --spider -O - http://yourwebsite.com/instagram/like/cron >/dev/null 2>&1 
* * * * * wget --spider -O - http://yourwebsite.com/instagram/comment/cron >/dev/null 2>&1 
* * * * * wget --spider -O - http://yourwebsite.com/instagram/follow/cron >/dev/null 2>&1 
* * * * * wget --spider -O - http://yourwebsite.com/instagram/unfollow/cron >/dev/null 2>&1 
* * * * * wget --spider -O - http://yourwebsite.com/instagram/direct_message/cron >/dev/null 2>&1 
* * * * * wget --spider -O - http://yourwebsite.com/instagram/repost_media/cron >/dev/null 2>&1 

Version 2.3
- Improved checkpoint required

Version 2.2
- Add new Proxy support.
- Add new template: icons, colors...
- Fixed some problems of the script.

1. When you have “upgrade ver2.2 File” from us, you’ll make new “update folder” on Installation Folder at your File Manager on your hosting server.
2. Uploading 3 files in “upgrade ver2.2 File” to “update folder” on hosting server
3. Run your link on your browser to check if it is ok or not: http://linkyourVTGRAM/update
4. Finish and check your new version

Version 2.1
- Add new feature post story photo
- Add new feature auto like
- Add new feature auto comment
- Fixed problem duplicate direct message
- Fixed a some small problem
- Add new feature Proxy

Version 2.0.0
- Add new feature follow by username
- Add new teample
- Fixed repost bug
- Fixed a some small problem

Version 1.2.0
- Add new feature follow by location
- Fixed error resize image
- Fixed error change language
- Fixed error follow by hashtags
- Fixed error login

Version 1.1.0
- Fixed error double post
- Fixed error post image 
- Fixed cronjob 
- Fixed upload file
- Improved speed
- Integrated composer on script
- Auto resize image to post on instagram
GUIDE UPDATE: No need update database, replace all file except config.php and index.php and update cronjob (follow by video on folder "documentation")

Version 1.0.1
- Support type PNG
- Fixed a some problem post image
- Add new follow by hastags
- Fixed register user auto active
- Auto resize image to post on instagram
GUIDE UPDATE: No need update database and replace all file except config.php and index.php

Version 1.0.0 Fist version
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Dear all Buyers,

We are pleased to inform you that with effect from 14 January 2019. Today, for security reasons and there are too many things in common between VTGram, Grameasy and Stackposts. we decided to close some script:GramEasy - Instagram Auto Post & Activity (Standalone script) and VTGram - Marketing Solutions for Instagram (Standalone script). We disabled them from Envato Marketplace.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and you guys don't worry about that we always support and continute to release update version for all the current buyers and new buyers in our site: https://stackposts.com . If you intend to buy or need to download the last version for both these scripts.

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